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Daycare and Preschool, Westfield, NJ

Our daycare and preschool in Westfield, NJ, embraces the impressionable first years in a child’s life by fostering each child’s uniqueness. This leaves room for both the fundamentals and endless creativity. With activities and curriculum developed specifically for each age group, your child will learn by having fun, which is the magic combination for being a kid. We pride ourselves in embracing children’s natural curiosity, inspiring them to explore the world around them. Children learn by doing. With colorful, loving classrooms full of books, toys, paints, and activities, minds are sure to be engaged and feel happy. Most importantly at Noah’s Ark, wondering “why?” always ends in fun.

Implementing the Most Innovative Methods

Choose our preschool when you want your child to have access to a quality education in a great learning environment. At our school, we utilize the Montessori Method of Education, an innovative approach to instructing students which science has proved countless times to be a great way to foster self-learning and inspire creativity. We strive to ensure your child gains practical knowledge and that they retain everything they learn. The Montessori technique is proven to be one of the most effective ones, so you can rest assured that your child is in the best hands.

Our daycare welcomes all students with open arms, ready to teach them through a variety of activities, from arts and crafts to science and math, to prepare them for elementary school. We understand that your kids are your whole world, so we treat them as though they are our own, ensuring they’re receiving the best education possible.

Reliable & Quality Education

We understand there are numerous preschools in our area, so we’re extremely delighted when you choose to enroll your child at one of Noah’s Ark Preschools. Our daycare utilizes the most innovative and effective teaching methods. Every instructor that we employ is respectful, patient, and prepared to provide every student with the attention and care that they require. You can feel confident that we’re the ideal resource for all your preschool education needs.

Contact us for more information about our preschool. We proudly welcome students in Westfield, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas.

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