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Bilingual Education


Bamboo Shoots

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Bilingual Education in Westfield, NJBilingual Education in Westfield, NJ

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“In the early childhood classroom, silence is not golden”
Spoken words are opportunities for learning….


Our activity-based curriculum allows students enrolled in our Bamboo Shoots bilingual education in Westfield, NJ, to acquire practical communication skills, develop competence and confidence, and experience the joy of learning another language. Through early exposure to Chinese, we seek to provide students with a foundation for future learning and cultivate their long-term interest in the language, culture and traditions of China.


Proficiency in a second language is a critical skill. To ensure that students are competitive in the global economy and can reap the many personal and intellectual benefits of multilingualism, we provide a rigorous Chinese and English academic program in a fun and supportive environment. Chinese Immersion Preschool gives children the confidence, scholastic preparation, and cognitive development they need to succeed.


Bamboo Shoots is Westfield’s First Chinese Immersion Preschool. The school is nestled on a conveniently located road, in the quaint neighborhood of Westfield NJ. We offer a rigorous Chinese language immersion program for children ages 2 to 6 years old. Our students have the unique opportunity to acquire Mandarin in a supportive and nurturing environment, with childcare professionals who put a strong focus on high academic achievement and student leadership.


We seek to prepare our students to be responsible stewards of the environment and to prepare them to be caring, responsible, and competent citizens with Chinese bilingual skills and global perspectives. In order to ensure the success of all students, we provide comprehensive before and after school included in the monthly tuition.


Our curriculum is based on combining knowledge in early childhood education, bilingual education, and knowledge of teaching Mandarin Chinese to children. This is an immersion environment where we use all of the senses to communicate meaning and maximize understanding and retention. We believe in exposing children to the best of both Chinese and American culture. We view language as a medium to learning other subjects such as music, art, science and math. We want to instill an excitement and confidence about learning language to serve as a foundation for further learning. We immerse children in the language.


Our spacious, sun-drenched classroom has high ceilings and is filled with exciting and rich materials for children to freely learn and explore. Centers and activities include library, writing center, blocks, art, imagination area, science, music and more.


Where children acquire fluency in Mandarin, learn traditional Chinese characters, Develop self-confidence and independence, And become curious and lifelong learners



Because the world is changing. Did you know that today Chinese is the fastest-growing language studied in the US? Right now 1.2 billion people speak Chinese.
By learning Chinese, you set your child apart as a proactive person with a greater social and professional network when they grow up. Knowledge of Mandarin clearly gives children an advantage as they grow and prepares them for life in a multicultural environment. What activity that could possibly open up more doors for your child than receiving a bilingual education and learning Chinese!