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The Philosophy Behind Compassionate Childcare in Westfield, NJ

Childcare, Westfield, NJ


Here at Noah’s Ark your child will experience compassionate childcare in Westfield, NJ, by our nurturing and experienced staff who have a true gift with children. We create a partnership with our parents to assure both you and your child’s needs are met. Noah’s Ark Philosophy is based on three principal goals. These are to help children gain confidence, to impart a strong sense of community and to foster a true love of learning. We provide a warm consistent environment where our children are encouraged to explore, make choices and gain independence. We instill a strong sense of self and a discovery of each child’s unique place in the world we live in.

The Center Of A Balanced Program- Interest Centers

Room arrangement is more than just aesthetics. The way the room is laid out affects how your child feels about himself, how he relates to the adults and children around him and how comfortable he feels about playing and exploring. The environment within a classroom also strongly influences a teacher’s ability to carry out an effective child and infant care program throughout the day. At Noah‘s Ark, we understand that your child learns best in an age-appropriate environment built to meet his needs. And we know that there are specific ways to arrange a room to support and encourage a child to explore. We invite you to visit and get a firsthand look at our spaces. To experience for yourself how each age-specific classroom creates a sense of safety, security and stimulation and to see how our teachers keep your child’s room clean, attractive and comfortable.

In our Interest Centers children work cooperatively in small groups to reach developmental milestones and school readiness through exploring, experimenting, and repetition.

  • Arts and crafts for kids teaches your child texture, color, design, and motor control.
  • Dramatic Play is all about the world of pretend, self-identifications, family and community.
  • Sensory Wet and Dry allows children to experience mixture, touch, consistency, measurement, and volume while enhancing preschool math and science experiences.
  • Blocks Building teaches your child about shape, dimension, size, construction, balance and cooperation.
  • Music and Movement helps your child experience creativity, patterns, melody, as well as builds large motor skills.
  • Library and Language experiences enhance communication, listening skills and self-control. Literacy and early reading skills start here.
  • Math and Manipulative helps your child learn about numbers, problem solving, order, serializing and coordination.
  • Science and Discovery is all about weights, plants, pets, magnets, measurements, and the world around us.