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"Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate."

Infants & Woddlers

“Babies are such a nice way to start people” Don Herold


Every moment with an infant is precious and should be cherished as such, which is why here at Noah’s Ark we take much pride in making sure that our infants and their parents are surrounded by a warm and nurturing environment. Our families say… “it feels like home!” We cuddle, coo, rock, sing and bond with your baby all throughout their “busy” day. We understand and respect that you are the number one and most important teacher in your infants life. We will work with you, give you daily reports, and offer updates on your babies development so that you are an active part of his/her learning experience. As dedicated caregivers we strive on believing that our infants blossom and learn through active involvement and positive interaction. Our Nurseries provide our babies with the opportunity to explore with age appropriate toys and materials in a healthy, warm and loving environment. These surroundings along with the caring and loving hands of our Infant staff help our babies build self confidence and fosters a curiosity and enthusiasm which makes their early stages of development that much more joyful. Our Infant setting provides; personal cribs, separate area for changing and feeding, and our “no-shoes” policy ensures that our baby areas are at all times kept sanitary for playing, eating, and sleeping. If this sounds like the environment you would like to offer your infant, stop by and you will see for yourself how we are totally dedicated to making your Infant Care our priority. We look forward to seeing you and sharing in the joy of your new infant.

Welcome to the busy, busy world of the Toddler Group! Each day is action-packed with stimulating, creative, and high-energy activities designed to promote the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of each child. In our Toddler classrooms you can find a fully balanced day with tons of imaginative activates and play. The children are in a caring atmosphere, with a reassuring routine, and stimulating activities. They learn through a balance of play, teacher-facilitated activities, and repetition. On the Ark we believe it is the optimum environment for learning at this level of development. We also help children to understand their emotions and develop their relationships with other children through empathy and concern. Teachers in the Toddler room help children begin to become more independent by learning to feed themselves, drinking from a cup and when ready saying goodbye to their bottle. Noah’s Ark embraces the impressionable first years in a child’s life by fostering each child’s uniqueness. This leaves room for both the fundamentals and endless creativity and growth. With activities and curriculum developed specifically for each age group, your child will learn by having fun, which is the magic combination for being a kid. Noah’s Ark teachers provide just what your toddler needs, all in a safe, clean, healthy environment.


“Life, love, and laughter – what priceless gifts to give our children.”

Toddler School in Westfield, NJ

Young Pre

“Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun.”


An environment of bright colors and appropriate centers provide optimum stimulation for the Young-Pre growth. Young Preschool children want to touch, taste, smell, hear, and test things for themselves. Our Young-Pre class teachers incorporates into the curriculum four of most important developmental areas for this age group: Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Physical growth. Many self help skills are also introduced to the children through daily routines and cooperative play. The children are taught to be more vocal resulting in language strong development. The children are guided toward appropriate behaviors through a non-judgmental atmosphere that offers consistency, children come to understand the balance between freedom and limits. At this age, children need to know that they are safe, both physically and emotionally, and that they are loved for whom they are. Noah’s Ark teachers want children to feel comfortable and safe while they explore, inquire, experiment, create, question, and celebrate. We strive to create an environment where they feel safe to learn and where they are respected, empowered, trusted and listened to. In short, a place to which they want to come back each day, because it’s theirs.

Our Preschool Class will begin to experience the joy of self-expression in the areas of music, arts & crafts, movement, story time, and games in our classroom centers. Dramatic play, sensory, outside play, music & movement, blocks and science are a big part of their day. Our teachers support preschoolers’ learning with exciting activities to best meet their cognitive, physical and social-emotional development. We help to develop their manipulative and coordination skills with puzzles and games, their creative skills with drawing, painting, sticking, cutting and free expression, their language skills with books, poetry, songs and individual and group discussion. As for academics, we incorporate The Letter People. This is a comprehensive core preschool curriculum that covers all developmental domains, including language and vocabulary development, emergent literacy, math, science, social studies, creative arts, technology, large- and small-motor development, health, safety, and socio-emotional development. The engaging Letter People puppets, their songs, and their stories stimulate imagination and draw all children into the learning process by becoming their friends and language partners. Most importantly at Noah’s Ark, wondering why always ends in fun. Progress is continually evident in your child’s emotional growth, social skills, verbal communication, intellectual awareness, and physical capability. Here on The Ark we believe the best Preschool Program gives children the freedom to explore.


“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”


Pre K – Kindergarten

“Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.”


This classroom is designed to welcome the love of learning for both Pre-K and Kindergarten children. Our curriculum is not only challenging and stimulating but is presented in such a way that the children are eager, happy and excited about learning. We pride ourselves in embracing children’s natural curiosity, inspiring them to explore and discover the world of learning. We believe that children learn by doing. With our colorful, loving Pre-K Kinder classrooms full of Books, Paints, Science, Sensory, Math and Writing Centers, minds are sure to be engaged and flourish. Our centers and weekly themes are enhanced with many hands-on activities, adding that essential ingredient for the perfect experience. In our Pre-K/Kinder Classroom you will find children engaged in learning while practicing and developing strong “team skills” which will make their transition into elementary school that much easier. Social, Emotional and Academic development is all wrapped up into one fun package! Here at Noah’s Ark children are encouraged to believe in themselves and graduate from our Pre-K/Kinder program as leaders. A perfect foundation for the world ahead of education which awaits them!